Dancing Spirits Workshops

Wellness and Balance

Introductions. Intentions. Inspirational Cards. Affirmations. Laughter. Tears.

Deep into the Redwoods, a Magical and Mystical FULL MOON, Libations, Priye Ginen – African Prayers, asking spirit to open the way for a blissful weekend of healing + releasing, breath presentation, alignment, and connectedness. We became one! The Dancing Spirits Sisterhood. A sweet beginning to a fantastic weekend. 

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Anbla Dlo

Beneath The Water Lwa: La Sirene (The Mermaid)

Sometimes we need to go "Anba Dlo." Beneath Water. Under. Deep. To sit with our dreams, thoughts, goals, and aspirations. To tap into our creative selves. Heal. Transform. Cleanse + Refresh. LISTEN! Beautiful things take place when you are faced with YOU! Mirrored reflections...

Meditation: "Do not lose hold of your dreams or aspirations. You may still exist if you do, but you have ceased to live."

Materials: Pen, Paper, Mirror (hand-held), Seashell(s)

Suggested Attire: Hues of the Sea (Royal Blue, Turquoise, White, Silver, Indigo)

Anbla Dlo" - Beneath The Water Lwa: La Sirene (The Mermaid)

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ROOTS: reNEWal & reBIRTH Lwa: Manbo Ayizan (Healer)

Out with the old. Let it go. Release. Make way for the new...

Meditations: "You always have the opportunity to let go of something and let newness in order to rebirth yourself" "Prosperity and abundance grow abundantly as I nurture and care for myself."

  • What are your rituals to renew your Life, Spirit, and Happiness?
  • Let's dig deep to discover what we need for renewal

Materials: Basil White Flowers Bottle of Florida Water Affirmation: Rebirth, Healing, or Rejuvenation Pen Paper Medium/Large Jar or Bottle with Lid

Suggested Attire: White

ROOTS: reNEWal & reBIRTH Lwa: Manbo Ayizan (Healer) Workshop

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Loving YOU! Lwa: Ezili Freda Dahomey (Divine Feminine)

Maintaining a healthy sense of self-love is essential to your well-being. Now is the time to establish an abundance of love, joy, health, happiness, and wealth - from within.

How do you liberate yourself? (Mind, Body & Spirit) How do you maintain a healthy sense of SELF-LOVE?

Meditations: "My body is a beautiful expression of my individuality." "Today, I choose me." "Love is my birthright. I am a manifestation of this love. I am loving and loved by many." "I am authentic, true, and expressive."

Materials: Sweet Scented Perfume. Pink or White Roses or Pink or White Carnations. A self-love affirmation, poem, or song and Fan (hand-held). Medium/Large Jar or Bottle (recycled is fine!) with lid. Pen Paper

Suggested Attire: Shades of Pink, White, Gold, Skirts

Loving YOU! Lwa: Ezili Freda Dahomey (Divine Feminine) Workshop

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Salye Manman

Salute the Mother Lwa: Ezili Danto (The Protector)

Womanhood. Motherhood. Self-empowerment. Strength.

Victory! We all have a story to tell. What's yours? How do you honor and empower yourself within the daily demands? How can one develop strength in oneself and courage?

Meditations: our backs tell stories no books have the spine to carry women of colour - rupi kaur

Materials: Bottle of Florida Water Wicker Basket with Foliage/Leaves - to fill a basket (type of foliage: your choice)

Affirmation: Strength, Courage, or Empowerment. Pen and Paper.

Suggested Attire: Red/Royal Blue Red/Navy

Salute the Mother Lwa: Ezili Danto (The Protector) Workshop

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Dancing Spirit: OSUN-OXUM with DANDHA

When Dandha Da Hora agreed to participate in Dancing Spirits, we knew it would be MAGICAL! A wealth of information, a keeper of the culture, and a devoted practitioner, this woman transforms space and energy!

While sitting in a circle, Dandha opened her workshop with a beautiful song for Oxum-Oshun. No one in that circle needed to understand Portuguese because we FELT those words. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. With tears streaming down my cheeks, I was entirely grateful for the sisterhood in the room.

Thank you, Queen Dandha!!! So much love, honor, and respect for you and all you bring to our lives.

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FruitFULL Flow

Lwa: Kouzin (The Merchant)

Come! Tap in and cultivate your Entrepreneurial Spirit! Let's honor and salute Kouzin's energy through Movement, Song & Ritual!

Affirmations: "I can create success and build the wealth I desire." " I am grateful for the abundance that I have and the abundance on its way." "I deserve to be paid for my skills, time, and knowledge." "I give myself permission to prosper and grow."

May is officially Haitian Heritage Month! May is also the feast month for Haiti's Agriculture Spirits: KOUZEN & KOUZIN, the powerful duo of farmers and merchants who are both healers. Unbeknownst to many, Kouzin is a successful Merchant (Machann) woman with a keen business sense and beastly bargaining skills. She is a businesswoman who ensures her survival and that of her family.

What are your manifestation rituals to achieve your "FruitFULL FLOW?" What does your Financial Freedom look like?

Learn more about "FruitFULL Flow" Lwa: Kouzin (The Merchant)

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A Queen Crowns Her Own head: Birthing Yourself and Your Visions (YEMAYA)

Night rituals under a bright moon, enveloped in a natural setting amongst the sisterhood, aren’t new. We chose to have this particular workshop in the thick of the night. Creative flows often happen at night. MAGIC occurs at night. We danced into the night.

As part of the Yemaya workshop, an interactive craft project took place, where the Dancing Spirits (participants) created beautiful Yemaya-inspired pieces of art. Yemaya’s power or aşę is to help people heal from trauma, pain, grief, or loneliness by providing comfort, soothing, and transcendence. This project allowed each individual to dig deep and tap into the depths of their creative side - perhaps a side that needed nurturing. Pearls, beads, shells, mirrors, ribbons, sequins, and tons of shiny aquatic symbols were shared amongst the Sisterhood. The final projects are gorgeous! The creative juices were flowing and abundant! Take a look!

Asatu Musunama Hall, a powerful woman with many talents who constantly gives to our community: birthing, mentoring, dancing, and teaching, truly stepped into her power at Dancing Spirits. Asatu, what a pleasure to witness your gifts and talents unfold in one setting. Your transparency, stories, and relayed messages from Yemaya flowed through your being. You dove into this project and gave so freely. You took us on a journey as we learned about the sacred waters of the mother of the fishes, who reigns over the feminine mysteries. What a treat to also take a trip to Dahomey to honor Yemoja Afreketę! Continued blessings, SiSTAR! You are loved and appreciated for all that you do!

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Our Workshop

DANCING SPIRITS: Folkloric Dance + Wellness Retreat

We've chosen to tap into the vibrations of Danbala (Haiti), Obaluaye/Babalú-Aye (Cuba), and Yansa Bale/Oya (Brazil). LWA! DANBALA represents the essence of LIFE! Embodied as a serpent, Peace, Wisdom, Purity, and Clarity are associated with Danbala. ORISHA! OBALUAYE is the Orisha of healing and the protector of health.

ORIXA! YANSÃ BALE/OYA is the owner of the marketplace and keeps the gates of the cemetery. The force of change in nature and life, she wields lightning and rides the winds into battle, often fighting with her machetes.


Adults 18+


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Haitian, Afo-Cuban, & Afro-Brazilian Folkloric Dance

Holistic Treatments, Spiritual Hygiene, Balance. Self-Care is your right.

A sacred space will be created to provide an intimate setting. Participants interested in honoring spiritual growth, self-care, learning, and healing are encouraged to attend. Contact us. Let us know your needs, and schedule a workshop today!

This workshop includes:

  • Self-love
  • Self-care
  • Healing and balance
  • Live Music
  • Spiritual growth


Dancing Spirits Workshop

Artists, Healers and Wellness Practitioners

Dancing Spirits Instructors

Portsha T. Jefferson

Haitian Folkloric Dance

Ms. Jefferson’s dedication and exploration of Haitian culture have brought her to Haiti, where she has traveled throughout the country to research folkloric dance, and musical traditions, while partaking in ceremonial + healing practices since 2003.

Asatu Musunama Hall

Asatu Musunama Hall

Afro Cuban Orisha Dance

Asatu Musunama Hall is a seasoned performer, choreographer, and founding member of Emesè: Messengers of the African Diaspora, a collective of artists based in 1998 with a mission to promote and present the rich cultural traditions of the African Diaspora.

Dandha Da Hora

Brazilian Dance

As a lead dancer with Ilê Aiyê, Dandha toured internationally and has shared the stage with many of Brazil’s most renowned artists, such as Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, and Daniela Mercury. A master dancer, as well as a vocalist and percussionist. 

Luna Nueva

Healers: Holly, Luanda, Sabrina, Asatu

Wellness Practitioners

We guide balanced well-being and self-care through complementary and holistic health services and education. Rather than practice
individually, we came together to support
each other and build a community.

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