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Is a 45-year-old arts organization whose work is centered on cultural preservation and service through art. Our name “Fua Dia Congo” means Congolese heritage, and since 1977, we have been sharing traditional music, dance, and culture from Central Africa, specifically the Kongo Kingdom. It is our honor to forward the work of our founder, Ta Malonga Casquelourd, to share a rich and robust cultural legacy and to create space for communal healing through Kongo traditions.

Fua Dia Congo

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Fua Dia Congo Performing Arts is committed to creating a platform that celebrates and uplifts the African diaspora through expressive and contemporary art forms. We strive to create an environment of creativity, collaboration, and collective liberation while providing future generations with a safe space of healing, refuge, and immortality. Art has the potential to unlock greater knowledge and understanding of our collective story, uniting us in pursuit of a more equitable world. Art can be a powerful tool to achieve justice and equality. It can help us create paths that can lead to meaningful change.


Ta Malonga Casquelourd

During the 70s, Malonga brought his distinctive Congolese dance style to Oakland’s Everybody’s Creative Arts Center, introducing a new way of movement to the area. The Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts in Oakland is a tribute to the man and continues offering classes. People from all walks of life attend these classes, taught by Malonga’s kin and other company members. Malonga Casquelourd created a legacy by training two generations of dancers he prepared through his company, youth programs, and community classes.

Malonga Casquelourd’s children- Muisi-kongo, Kiazi, Lungusu and Boueta all play a key role in Fua’s classes, workshops, and performances. According to Muisi-kongo, she, along with the other members of the company, contributed significantly to the success of the organization “understand the weight and gravity of what it means to recognize the value of preserving the tradition of Congolese culture.”

Muisi-kongo, the eldest daughter, has taken on the role of Artistic Director and is now leading the company. IGrowing up with two parents dedicated to protecting their culture, Muisi-Kongo witnessed them perform a rich legacy of cultural preservation. Dr. Faye McNair-Knox, her mother, was among the original members of Fua and was a well-known linguist and musician. Muisi recalls the early days of watching rehearsals and performances and many hours spent watching old company performances on videotapes. Muisi-kongo has always had a fondness for the videotapes from the company, referring to them as her favorite television shows.

During her childhood, she was also part of a youth company where she showcased her creative talents. She has been a premier dancer with the main company for over 10+ years, garnering several awards. Recently, she has made her mark as an emerging choreographer by collaborating with Congolese master artist Chryrsogone Diangoya. SMuisi-kongo is an instructor in the company and teaches a Congolese dance class at Stanford University. As artistic director, she collaborates with a talented team of professionals mentored by her father.

Muisi-kongo’s two elder siblings, Lungusu and Kiazi, are very important to their music as they direct the melodies, choreograph the dances, and put on amazing performances. Even their younger brother Boueta is involved in the group since he is an eleven-year-old drummer. Kiazi balances her career and studies by attending graduate school out-of-state and returning home to supply creative instructions for major performances. Just like his dad, Kiazi is a talented musician and dancer. He works with his sister on the creative direction of their shows and helps with the choreography & rehearsal process.


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The management team of Fua Dia Congo comprises experienced artists and elders who were fortunate enough to receive training and work side by side with Malonga for more than two and a half decades. These experts help the company choose and manage the correct artistic direction. Regine N’dounda, Sandor Diabankouezi, Regina Calloway, Erica Simpson, and Janeen Johnson are talented professionals. Matingou Raphael, a Congolese-born master artist, is the company’s Musical Director. Matingou, an ex-bandleader with worldwide experience, collaborates with Muisi-kongo and the management crew to ensure that the ideas presented align with the cultural beliefs of Congo’s region.

Cherese Brauer
Vice President
Aimee Fields
Kristen Graser, LM CPM
Veronica La Foucade
Dr. Elizabeth Grady, MD
Dr. Betty Robinson, PhD
Dr. Dawn Ferreiga, PhD
Jah Yee Woo

Advisory Board

Ms. Laurine Johnson


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