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Dance to live. Live to dance. If you have a heart, you can dance. If you forget the rhythm, listen to your heart.

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From Japan to Oakland.

Fukuoka Dance Exchange.

Dance-A-Vision Entertainment hosted a Dance Exchange with students from Fukuoka Japan July 2014. We first met students from Fukuoka when the director of Dance-A-Vision Carla Service was commissioned to do hip-hop choreography for their music video. This collaboration in part led to the Dance Exchange that now takes place between these two sister cities. While the students were here in Oakland, we had a full day of dance! 

We performed for them, they performed for us, and we collaborated on our styles to create dance pieces together. No one spoke English, but the language of movement was a binding thread. (We also had a great interpreter on hand, just in case) Gifts were exchanged and laughter and smiles brightened the day. We look forward to more opportunities to collaborate and explore social change through dance. Until we meet again, keep dancing Japan!

Soul Train Tribute for Don Cornelius

Oakland California

How Weird Festival

San Francisco 2014

Michael Jackson Tribute

San Francisco

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